Welcome to our website, we are Carme and Mayca, two people who had joined the love and

admiration for Persian and Exotic cats.

We want to perpetuate the magnificent temperament, sweet and affectionate, of our cats for

delighting of people who love cats and enjoy a Shiraz kitten.

 We have resolved to combine our efforts to get the cat of our dreams, unique and

unrepeatable, with the certainty we had in our hands. To this end, we will

try to gather in our cattery the best European and American blood lines.

 We hope to achieve this dream, give thanks people who have trusted and relied

 on our good work and honesty.

Shiraz was the capital city of Persia during the Zand dynasty, the city of Persian poets,

which make us think Persian cats inspired more than a poet to contemplate

 their beautiful eyes and gentle coat.

 We live in the heart of the city of Barcelona. Fortunately, we have a large house

 with a big terrace that allow us to comfortably accommodate our feline family.

These two breeds have all the most suitable conditions for cohabitation

with humans and also children because they are loving and calm as well

as relaxed and playful, much-needed today.

Our cats always live with us at home, without any cages.

 They are sociable and friendly with everyone and also there has been mention

of the health of these animals, who are tested for PKD, FeLV and FIV.

 Immediately our kittens were born, they have begun a process of socialization

 and education so that when they arrive at the hands of a new owner,

 will be kitten affectionate, quiet and smooth, expected of them.

All kittens deliver with microchip, vaccinated, parasite control done and the contract.

 We also provide a photocopy of the pedigree and also the test of PKD

of parents or/and themselves.

The kittens are not delivered before the end of the lactation period and socialization

We hope you enjoy our website